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Cis female, asexual, Jewish, she/her pronouns.


Diederik Cuckoo (Chrysococcyx caprius)

Distribution: Sub-Saharan Africa

IUCN Status: Least Concern

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(Photo by Ian White // CC 2.0)

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i'm not actually sure what mogai means but one of my friends was upset with its use because she felt allies would try to claim the a for themselves?
mathjargon mathjargon Said:

MOGAI stands for “marginalized orientations, gender identities, and intersex”. I can 100% see why she would feel that way - there’s an A in it, and as we’ve seen with adding the A to the LGBTQ acronym, allies like to think anything with an A stands for them and not, you know, actual marginalized identities. I’ve seen MOGII [which stands for the exact same thing] used instead - I should probably switch over to that.

This is why I like voice memes a lot. I express myself much differently when I speak versus when I type. And I like talking. I talk to myself nigh constantly.

That being said, for all my tough exterior, I am actually really into educating and answering questions, especially when they’re not anonymous. If you’re evern like, “What’s that word mean?” or “Why is that?”, you can ask me [and if you’re off anon, I can keep it private if you want]. I recognize that I probably come off as a little scary when I get into discussions or arguments, though.

I mean, there are a lot of big disclaimers I can put up there. If you think asexuality isn’t real, if you think people who want trigger warnings need to just ‘tough it out’, if you think Jewish privilege is a thing. There are so many reasons I can just really not want to associate with you all that much.

I should probably put a giant disclaimer on my blog that says “If you ever use the phrase Social Justice Warrior as a pejorative, don’t speak to me.”



Things I frequently see in the asexuality tag:

  • Someone said asexuality isn’t real. They wouldn’t have said that if I was gay!
  • When I said I was asexual, someone said I can’t know that unless I have sex. No one says that to gay people!
  • People say that asexual people aren’t marginalized, but you wouldn’t say that to a gay person!

Except people say that to gay people. They say it often. Even as acceptance for gay people grows, there is still homophobia and homoromantic/sexual erasure all over the place. I’m no bigger fan of MOGAI gatekeeping than anyone else, but do not minimize one group’s oppression to make a statement

I have never seen anyone say that homosexuality literally does not exist. I have seen people refuse to accept it as morally correct or an acceptable choice, but no one has gone “haha you made that up. No one is ever sexually interested in someone of the same-sex.” 

It is, after all, even in the Bible and in a lot of old texts. Most homophobes acknowledge that homosexuality exists, they just think it’s evil or wrong.

I mean, that’s pretty fortunate for you. I’ve definitely heard it before.

And to be honest, whether or not that exact phrase has been said [substituting ‘asexual’ for ‘homosexual/gay/etc’] is beside the point. No matter what, it’s minimization of what is still a very large issue in society in order to make a statement. It’s bad. People absolutely need to stop doing this, not just with asexuality, but with everything.

I took melatonin a while ago to attempt to hard reset my sleep schedule, so while I wait that out I’m playing Kingdom hearts 3D (Proud mode) while watching a KHII 100% speedrun.

Text-to-speech is the best I am never typing my text posts again.